How To Use the Caption Generator

I hope the Caption Generator is straightforward - leave a comment to let me know if it's not.

Here's what you do:

  1. Import your file, or choose to create a blank file and start from scratch. (If you import a text file, it will be rough-cut into caption-sized chunks, and estimated timings will be applied).
  2. Edit your captions - you can combine them and split them as well as editing the text of each one.
  3. Preview them in real-time by clicking the 'run from' button below the preview frame.
  4. Synchronise them with your video by clicking the 'record from' button below the preview frame.
    1. To set start and end times for yout caption cues, just hit the spacebar. The first spacebar will set the start time for the caption, and the next will set the end time, and so on.
    2. The caption shows gray when the start time hasn't been set with the spacebar, and white when the caption is showing.
    3. Experiment to get the hang of it...
  5. Click the 'download' button to save the .vtt or .txt file.

NOTE: Your file isn't stored anywhere except in a PHP session variable, so as soon as your browser closes it's cleared and there's no stored copy. That means it's private for you, but if you want to work on the file again you need to import it afresh as either the original text file or as a .vtt file.

Hope that helps! It's all very simple...




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